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Kobuki visualisation in CATIA via DYMOLA (Modelica-Plugin)

Hello guys, I’ve seen many posts about the Kobuki in this forum so I thought I could ask my question here. If that would be a misassumption please tell me. So I got a project assigned to make a visualization of the Kobuki in CATIA using basic CAD and systems engineering. It should move exactly like the real one, the real one should be controllable from here (teleoperations) [best case: with a joypad or joystick] and parameters of the software should be editable in CATIA, tested in the simulation and then be sent to the Kobuki. That’s a big task for me, because I’ve got just a bare minimum of wisdom in regards of robotics and informatics. I’m currently in my 8th semester of mechanical engineering. My problem so far is that I don’t know where to start to get to my destination. Could somebody perhaps tell me how he would start? That would be nice. Regards