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Using RTABMap and Kinect, how do you get distance at a certain point?


I appreciate all the efforts and amazing work in the ROS community. In my situation, I am trying to estimate a distance to an object using RTABMap, ROS, and a Kinect 360. For my implementation, we are using ROS indigo and libfreenect .

In our system, we are able to display the field of view of the robot to a web page using roslibjs. When the user clicks on a certain (x,y) coordinate on that video stream, we want to obtain an estimated distance to the object.

Is there an API in RTABMap/ROS that can help me obtain this information easily?

It looks like the information should be available in the following topic: /camera/depth_registered/image_raw - Raw image from device. Contains uint16 depths in mm.

I'm not sure how I might extract/read the information.

I do appreciate your help and pointers.

All the best!