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Any suggestions for combining scans of different frequencies?

I'm combining two scans, one extracted from a depth camera, and the other from a 2D LIDAR. But I'm getting some jitter from the depth camera's scan's contribution. I suppose it's to be expected when combining a 30Hz depth scan with a 40Hz LIDAR, but I was wondering if there was anything that could be done better. A qualitative example of the jitter artifact in RVIZ; red/LIDAR, green/depth-camera, yellow/combined. Note how combined lagges with the camera, and the LIDAR remains quite static. image description

The example you see here is a turtlebot simulation from gazebo, with a asus pointing forward, and a gpu_lidar pointing backwards, using this small PR of ira_laser_tools: #7. I made an issue #8 of this, but thought It could be general enough for a good old approach question here.