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Neato XV-11 LIDAR hector_slam mapping without odometry at walking speeds?

I was inspired by this video to get an XV-11 LIDAR for indoor mapping via hector_slam:

(Note that the walking speed is quite low--the video had to be sped up 2.5X.)

I'm finding in practice that the results shown at the end of the video may be "at best"--my maps are messy and jump around/overlap on themselves. This is probably due to a problem with the particular XV-11 unit I received (that will be returned/exchanged because it sometimes emits 0.0mm readings for entire revolutions), but while researching the map's jumpiness/overlapping, I'm finding that people either gave up on the XV-11 and went to a higher-end LIDAR with a higher scan rate or added odometry, both of which increase the project cost dramatically.

So, I am wondering, before I return/exchange this XV-11, has anyone gotten the XV-11 to do decent 2D mapping without odometry at walking speeds (1.5m/s)? Is it just not possible with a 5Hz (300rpm) LIDAR? I'm not asking for perfect maps, just usable ones (no walls where there aren't really walls, etc.)

I am basically tasked to do this:

(Note that the user is walking quite rapidly--probably faster than 1.5m/s. We'd love to be able to go this quickly.)

If you did get it working, how did you do it? Thanks in advance!