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best way to compare two pose estimates from different sources

Hi all,

I have a mobile robot with navigation_stack up and running. The robot is able to navigate properly from point A to point B. I am using encoders to get the odometry data and IMU, encoders and Lidar (AMCL) using robot_localization to localize the robot and move_base for planning. Now, I have a Ultrawide band sensor which gives the pose of the robot in the global frame. I want to compare the pose estimated by UWB sensor and the actual pose of the robot (output of robot_localization)(both gives pose_estimate in the map frame). Both poses are of the form of nav_msgs/Odometry. I know I can subscribe to both topics and compare the pose values from both of them and see how different they are. I was just wondering if there is a standard way or a better way to compare two pose estimates of the same type coming from different sources. Any suggestions regarding it will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Naman Kumar