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Build failed in Jenkins with KeyError


my package 'innok_heros_gazebo' fails to build in Jenkins with KeyError.

Here some snippets of the traceback:

See <,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/2/changes>

/* ... snip ... */

Get build dependencies of repo list
Get the dependencies of source folder /tmp/test_repositories/src_repository
In folder /tmp/test_repositories/src_repository, found packages: innok_heros_gazebo
Install build dependencies of repo list: catkin, gazebo_plugins, gazebo_ros, gazebo_ros_control, innok_heros_description, robot_state_publisher, xacro, rviz
Could not find innok_heros_description in keys. Have keys DB [key, abb, 

*/...snip... a long list of keys where innok_heros_description is not mentioned/* 

Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "< innok_heros_gazebo/ARCH_PARAM=amd64,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/ws/jenkins_scripts/devel",> line 43, in  <module>
    File "<,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/ws/jenkins_scripts/devel",> line 37, in main
    File "<,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/ws/jenkins_scripts/",> line 69, in test_repositories
        sudo, no_chroot)
    File "<,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/ws/jenkins_scripts/",> line 134, in _test_repositories
        apt_get_install(repo_build_dependencies, rosdep_resolver, sudo)
    File "<,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/ws/jenkins_scripts/",> line 28, in apt_get_install
        pkgs = rosdep.to_aptlist(pkgs)
    File "<,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/ws/jenkins_scripts/",> line 44, in to_aptlist
        for a in self.to_apt(r):
    File "<,UBUNTU_PARAM=trusty,label=devel/ws/jenkins_scripts/",> line 57, in to_apt
        return self.r2a[ros_entry]
KeyError: 'innok_heros_description'

'innok_heros_description' is a run dependency of 'innok_heros_gazebo' and I added both packages to indigo/distribution.yaml without the release tag because I still have to perform the prerelease tests. Will the missing key 'innok_heros_descripion' appear in the key DB when the package is released?