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Aruco detection and Real life VS Gazebo

Hello everyone,

I'm a student working with a Aruco Package( I'm using it with ROS and I have 2 questions:

1) Why are the Aruco giving more error when the Aruco is straight to the camera? When the Aruco is in an angle I seem to get better results, there is less error in the poses.

2) I tried the Aruco with Gazebo and I was getting really high error in the poses, now that I'm working with actual robots and with Kinects and I get almost no error in the measurements of the Aruco poses. They are almost perfect, like 1 degrees of error, comparing to the almost ~10degree error in the Gazebo simulator. I was expecting worst results in the real life situation. How can I explain this?

This package is amazing if you want to work with Aruco Markers this is the one to use, thx you so much for the help.