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How to transform a PointStamped from a frame to another?


I get a PoseStamped in a specific frame and I want to transform it to the coordinates of the point in my base_link frame. I tried to use the tf::Transformer::transformPoint. Is it correct? I still have errors when trying to use it because of the types of the inputs. So I used tf::pointStampedMsgToTF but it still not compile.

tf::Stamped<tf::Point> tf_point_stamped_in, tf_point_stamped_out;

if (!tf::Transformer::transformPoint ("base_link", tf_point_stamped_in, tf_point_stamped_out))
    ROS_ERROR_STREAM ("Error converting stamped point from frame "<<goal_stamped->header.frame_id<<"to base_link");
tf::pointStampedTFToMsg(tf_point_stamped_out, goal_stamped_);

What is wrong? Thanks!