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how to get output from moveit? which topics need to be subscribed?

hi, currently i have made a two degree of freedom manipulator(only two revolute joints, and thats it). i set it up in the similar manner to that of moveit setup assistant tutorial. i can visualize and move(plan and execute) it now. my actual robot is connected to two motors(servo and stepper) using obviously its open loop system. and here is the problem begins.... what i want from moveit is simply some of parameters(like speed and direction for my motors) in real time(i.e. control of motors in ros itself). for this purpose, i'm ready to write a simple node which will convert the realtime actions to my desired output, but i simply cant find the topics to subscribe it for...what should i have to do now?i havent set any robot controller yet. do i have to setup any(if so, where can i find tutorial for it?)? isnt there a controller which can give me directly the output i want..? i'm on ubuntu 14.04, ros indigo. thanks for your reply and time.