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Using AMCL for navigation with navigation stack, std_msgs/Range, Range_sensor layer

I have set-up the navigation stack on my differential drive robot which has three ultrasonic sensors 45 degrees apart(I know the map is not going to be great with these sensors but it is my only option). I have got a global and local costmap setup similar to the tutorial on the navigation stack ( robot_setup ). I incorporated three range_sensor_layers for my three ultrasound sensors in the costmaps.

My question is, What do I start with possibly AMCL with a created pgm map of its environment or gmapping? My ultimate goal is to end up with an autonomous 2D mapping robot.

I am currently trying to use AMCL with a template map but I do not know how to translate the ultrasonic readings in a way that AMCL can use them. I know AMCL expects a laser scan to be published on the /scan topic?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, Please let me know if any further information is needed.