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Costmap2D getlock() not found

Hi, everyone,

I am trying to compile the movebase function, however, there's an error in the process.

   ./nav_stack/src/move_base/src/move_base.cpp:1206:105: error: ‘class costmap_2d::Costmap2D’ has no member named ‘getLock’
                     boost::unique_lock< boost::shared_mutex > lock(*(controller_costmap_ros_->getCostmap()->getLock()));

the compiler complains getLock() is not a member of costmap_2D. however, eclipse is able to infer the 'getLock()' function in the drop down function selection.

initially, I thought it was due to my boost lib path setting, so I added the path delibrately. however the same error pursists.

any good suggestion?