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How can i order axes[] in Joy message ?

Question is how can i order axes of this msg.

if i write this code.

self.remoteMsg.header.stamp =
            self.remoteMsg.buttons = {d[0],d[1],d[2],d[3],d[4],d[5]}
            print 'r1:', str(d[0])[:4] ,'r2:' , str(d[1])[:4] ,'r3:' , str(d[2])[:4] ,'r4:' , str(d[3])[:4] ,'r5:' , str(d[4])[:4] ,'r6:' , str(d[5])[:4]

It seem to correct order when it print out screen , but not when it on topic. Sorry for my bad english skill. Thank you advanced. :D