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Connecting a Sick laserscanner via ethernet


We're working on our robot running Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS indigo. Right now we are trying to connect a Sick LMS 111 laserscanner via ethernet. We installed the drivers and can start the node to do this. Afterwards we tried to connect to the laserscanner using many ip's (found by ifconfig for example) but any of them gave back this error:

[ INFO] [1429170035.841400945]: Connecting to laser at :
[ERROR] [1429170163.097305396]: Connection to LMS1xx device failed, retrying in 1 second.

To find the port we downloaded the Sopas Engineering Toolbox from Sick. This gave us ip and tcp 2111. To set the port we adjusted the launch file:

  <arg name="host" default="" />
  <node pkg="lms1xx" name="lms1xx" type="LMS1xx_node" output="screen">
    <param name="host" value="$(arg host)" />

Does anyone have an idea on how to get data from the laserscanner?