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Kinect isn't visible from Odroid when battery powered (turtlebot v2)

I have a problem with my turtlebot 2 that is driven by an odroid U3. The problem is that the Kinect isn’t visible from the odroid. The odroid is powered from the 12V/5A connector on the kobuki base. There is a LM2596, 5V voltage regulator between. If I disconnect the voltage regulator and istead drive the odroid with a wall power supply is works perfectly. The current from the 12V source at the base is is measured to 1.5A, so current should be enough. To test I have also driven the odroid with an external 5V powerpack (charging unit for mobile devices 12000mAh, max current 3.4A), that didn’t work either. With not working I mean that the Kinect isn’t visible from the odroid, everything else works perfectly.

There are a lot of other stuff on as well; screen, 11 IR sensors, mic and camera. Everything works well regardless of power source, except the Kinect that doesn’t work when the odroid is battery driven. Everything except the things in the figure below are now disconnected not to interfere.

I have no clue and I have tested and measured everything I can think of, any ideas?