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Can a non-usb camera (mounted camera sensor) be published with topic & info?

Hi Experts,

I am naive to ROS and its environment. Forgive, if the solution is straight forward. As a task, i need to use a camera sensor (not a USB camera) mounted on my arm based target board. I need it to publish the camera info and topic, to be able to use as input to LSD-SLAM library which i am able to make it work on the board. I've come to know that if the camera node (/dev/video*) is available, using gscam, one can publish the topic and info and use the camera stream. Correct me if i am wrong.

However, to make things worse, my camera driver is tightly looped with userspace library, and does not gives anything out on /dev/video* node. The only way to access the camera output frame is to use some script which eventually returns frames as buffers. So, given the above scenario, is it possible to create and publish camera info and topic for which no camera node exists and the only way to get captured frame's data is through some function returning a frame-buffer?