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custom message generation causes problems when compiling my code

Hello guys, I have tried to find if someone has the same problem in the forum but it does not seem that way.

Basically I want to create a custom ros message to publish something from my own package. So far so good.

I have created a msg folder in my package and added a file ("sla_tracker.msg") containing:

float64 s
float64 sd
string status

I have followed the tutorial given here everything worked without a problem, except to the last point:


# generate_messages(
#   std_msgs
# )



as soon as I do this when using "catkin_make" it is like the header file of my cpp file does not exist which then obviously leads to a lot of missing declarations an other includes which were not done. I hope I could explain my problem properly.

Maybe the custom message must be created in a separate catkin package and can not be created in the package in which I need the custom message?

I am using ros hydro on ubuntu 12.04