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stageros old tf time stamps


I am trying to run a simulation of Pioneer 3DX robot using p2os-vanderbilt, gmapping, stageros and rviz on ROS Hydro, Ubuntu 12.04.

The simulation and visualisation works fine however I am getting errors when trying to set a fixed frame to /map in RViz like:

No transform from [right_wheel_joint] to [map] I checked a tf tree with view_frames and I see that all parts/joints exproted from URDF are in the same tree with odom, base_link and world. However for transforms published by stageros and gmapping the most recent time is eg. 1419.950 while for transforms published by robot_state_publisher it is 1413910747.904

The same is when I run for example

rosrun tf tf_echo map top_plate

I am getting following error:

Failure at 1593.300000000 Exception thrown:Lookup would require extrapolation into the past. Requested time 1593.300000000 but the earliest >data is at time 1413910921.103968092, when looking up transform from frame [top_plate] to frame [map]

I have no idea what is the reason of such time stamps difference between these tranforms, everything is runned on a single computer on localhost.

Here you can check frames.pdf generated with view_frames: ( The URDF file I am using is the same as in p2os_urdf package.

Thanks in advance for any help!