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Any simple simulators suitable for multi-UAV applications?

Hi there,

We are going to do some research on multi-UAV coordination. And we've been told that Gazebo is too complicated and too computationally consuming, making it an overkill, while Stage is not good at UAV applications. Of course, we would be happy to know if there are any other opinions.

To make our question more clear, basic requirements for the simulator are listed below:

  1. Able to simulate multiple UAVs (better with example models for typical UAVs provided);

  2. Able to simulate ground vehicles (as nonholonomic systems);

  3. Typical sensor models (LiDAR, sonars, GPS, IMU, ..., having cameras would be a plus);

  4. Fancy graphics is not necessary, since we are looking for a light-weight solution.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

BTW, we know that there is a simple simulator called STDR. Any comment on this? Is it possible to use it as a base and add features when necessary?