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raspberry pi with ROS Indigo ( or any new Release of ROS)

Hi ROS Users,

The ROS community has grown tremendously over the last 2 years, and it is good to be part of this growing community. Previously I tried to install ROS (Groovy) on Raspberry Pi using this tutorial and it was successful (Debian installation). I also understand that there is Hydro Installation (installation from Source) which requires lot of time for compilation. So now My questions are,

  1. how should one proceed to install the latest version of ROS (For eg. Indigo ) on Raspberry Pi from source?
  2. how to create a ROS Indigo debian release, after installing from source (I would like to try this)?

it is also much appreciated if someone can give pointers to a debian installation of Hydro on Raspberry pi. Thanks again, and thanks to the whole community,

Best Regards,