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asked 2014-08-20 22:59:45 -0500

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touch screen?

hi there. i'm working on a robot prototype that has a touch screen as a user interface. i have a few questions. i've done some research in the last few days but i couldn't find any reliable source of information. i would love to get feedback from everyone who's done this before.

  1. hardware: what type of touch screen manufacturer & product would you recommend that works well with ros & ubuntu? we're using an intel nuc i5 for our robot.

  2. software: how do you go about building beautiful touch UI with ros & ubuntu? different from tablets (which already have well defined sdk and api like in android and ios), i'm not sure what are the equivelance in ros & ubuntu.

  3. ros support: are there any ros packages that support touch UI yet?

any feedback, comment, advice is much appreciated.