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A 6 DOF robot arm URDF file

Dear all.

I just want to play a bit with Move it in Hydro. I have been seeking for URDF files that can be load it into moveit_setup_assistant However, I have found some files with the extension of .urdf.xacro and I can not simply load it with moveit_setup_assistant. Further on, I have tried to convert .urdf.xacro to .urdf with the following command: rosrun xacro file.urdf.xacro -o file.urdf But without success, the file.urdf is empty.

I know I can start creating my own .urdf file, but at this moment I just want to play with move it.

I would like to ask if some wants to share a  6DOF urdf robot arm manipulator with end effector file

In advance thank you very much.