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asked 2014-07-03 18:40:03 -0500

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turtlebot 2: mass production

hi. we really love turtlebot 2 and ros. we plan to to build our robot based on turtlebot 2 and ros. our first production run will be around 300 - 500 units.

what would be a good way to source the parts effectively? buying kobuki base and kinect at single unit retail prices don't seem to make sense. they also seem like products for research and prototyping. we also want to keep our product cost as low as possible by buying wholesale/direct rather thay paying for retail prices.

where should we look for parts that are similar to kobuki and kinect? where do you usually go to source for robot parts in bulk? or do you have to deal with kobuki and microsoft to get bulk pricing?

any advice/comment/feedback is much appreciated.