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cannot publish cmd_vel messages

Hi all,

Just a brief question. Although there are many tutorials on how to set up the network configuration, nothing helped so I post the answer anyway. I have a robot that runs the roscore and the hardware related nodes (motion drivers, sensors etc) and a remote pc where I perform the motion planning on. I able to echo all the topic from my remote machine but on the robot I can only echo the topics published on the robot itself.

Example: I have a /cmd_vel subscriber on the robot. If I run the-robot~$ rostopic pub /cmd_vel geometry_msgs/Twist '[0.1, 0, 0]' '[0,0,0]' the robot start to move (and from both machine I can see the message with rostopic echo /cmd_vel. If I run the same command on the remote laptop the robot doesn't move and the topic is seen only on the remote machine.

I exported ROS_MASTER_URI, ROS_HOSTNAME on the robot and ROS_MASTER_URI on the laptop. I can ping correctly the robot from the remote laptop and viceversa. The netcat thing exposed in the tutorial is also working fine. I tried to set ROS_IP= on the robot too (instead of ROS_HOSTNAME) but no improvements.

I also tried to set either ROS_HOSTNAME or ROS_IP on the remote machine but the communication from laptop to robot still doesn't work. Furthermore in this last case I cannot launch files from the remote machine.

Is my configuration wrong. I'm using ROS groovy on the robot and ROS Hydro on the laptop. Anyway, I have the same issure using ROS groovy on both machines.

I've also exported the the host names in /etc/hosts (by the way the same configuration I made on my PC works on the PC next to me).

Any suggestion?