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Publishing diagnostics info with python on fuerte?

I have basically spent about two days to find a solution to this problem and figured that bringing this up here would be the best option. I am basically trying to publish diagnostics info on the /diagnostics topic using python nodes with fuerte. On the fuerte part of the wiki I see a link to a git repo. In the repo (1.7.0 branch) I see python api to use the diagnostics api but on my machine, even after updating, I cannot see the diagnostics api in python lib under /opt/ros/fuerte/lib (so I cannot do import diagnostic_updater). I am not sure how to add a lib from an online source but maybe there is an easier way.

I have nodes written in python but the current diagnostics_updater api is in c++. I am not sure how I can use a c++ stack to update the /diagnostics topic in python code. Perhaps I can use the diagnostics_msgs under /opt/ros/fuerte/lib which I can actually import in python. However I also do not know how.

If there is an easier way to publish on the diagnostics topic without messing with any class I can also do that so please share any insight or suggestions. (I just need basic robot info)

If anyone has done something like this and is willing to share a small tutorial I think you will add so much to the ROS community.

Thanks in advance