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Decimate Collada/urdf for faster collision checking in MoveIt

Hey guys,

I got a couple of .dae files of my robot in fairly high detail. After creating the .urdf with all the joint limits and stuff, I have created a MoveIt-package with those files and can now see the robot and plan in Rviz.

Since my dae files are fairly high detail, I wanted to know if there is a "ROS"-way of decreasing the polynom count in a safe way, so that MoveIt can check faster for collisions.

I didn't create the dae files and don't know much about this format, but my guess would be if I just open them up in a program like blender or something and save them again with less detail, there is no way to guarantee that I didn't accidently remove parts from the robot, letting MoveIt believe that this certain space is empty? Also, some kind of setting for the error would be nice, like "Create me a model which is at maximum 15 mm away from the actual robot"

Is there a script/package/program, that does this?

Thanks in advance, Rabe