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ethzasl_icp_mapper Field normals not found

I've been using ethzasl_icp_mapper to perform SLAM on some odometry free velodyne data. Until a few weeks ago all of my scripts were working perfectly. Then they started throwing a "Field normals not found" error. I cannot figure out why this began occurring as neither the velodyne_pointcloud package or the ethzasl_icp_mapper package were updated. Looking through the code it appears that it occurs in DataPoints.cpp of the libpointmatcher library. However my attempts to use GDB end up pointing me to ros::spin() instead of any of the ethzasl_icp code.

I think it has to do with the available fields in my PointClouds2 message but as I mentioned earlier I have no clue what could have happened between March 25th and April 1st that could have changed the behavior of the code.