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Ros navigation without static map

I'm trying to run navigation stack on a differential robot without a static map. I just want the robot to move 10 meters forward without colliding into any obstacles. I have followed the given tutorial, but I keep getting the below warnings:

  1. Request for map failed; trying again...
  2. The origin for the sensor at (0.19, 0.00) is out of map bounds. So, the costmap cannot raytrace for it.
  3. The robot's start position is off the global costmap. Planning will always fail, are you sure the robot has been properly localized?

Given below is my configuration files:
obstacle_range: 1.0
raytrace_range: 3.0
robot_radius: 0.376
inflation_radius: 0.45
max_obstacle_height: 0.9

observation_sources: point_cloud_sensor

point_cloud_sensor: {sensor_frame: camera_link, data_type: PointCloud, topic: /pointcloudoutput, marking: true, clearing: true, max_obstacle_height: 0.85}

global_frame: /odom
robot_base_frame: /base_link
update_frequency: 5.0
publish_frequency: 2.0
static_map: false
rolling_window: true
width: 6.0
height: 6.0
resolution: 0.05

global_frame: /odom
robot_base_frame: /base_link
update_frequency: 5.0
static_map: false
rolling_window: true