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using services from android_map_manager and other rapps

I am having some trouble. I have found a resource online for the 'android_map_manager', for example.

I have figured out how to start the app from my program. Now I would like to use some of the services that the online resource says are available to me. I cannot see them (they are services) when I type 'rossrv list' and when I try to access them from my program I get a message like this:

[ERROR] [WallTime: 1391876649.155091] [Client 0] [id: call_service:/android/list_maps:31] call_service InvalidServiceException: Service /android/list_maps does not exist

I feel though that this should work, as I know the app manager is running. I have this in my logs:

[WARN] [WallTime: 1391877076.029768] App Manager : an app is already running [turtlebot_core_apps/android_map_manager]

If I could find out how to list the maps, I could figure out how to rename, delete, etc. My next goals are to implement services in the 'android_make_a_map' rapp and possibly the nav rapp too. I did notice that the map_store package is being started by the launcher. Is the map_store package working independently of the map_manager? The launcher that I'm using is a slightly modified version of the 'minimal_with_appmanager.launch' file. Thanks.