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How to send parameters in the method onStart with ROSJava

In every example in the ROSJava tutorial, the method: onStart has a unique parameter: (final Node node) and my question is how to send additional parameters in this method.

When I execute any node, I type in the shell:

rosrun rosjava_bootstrap nxt_lejos_ros org.lejos.ros.nodes.loader.NXTLoader __name:=NXTLoader

or I use a .launch file with the following structure:

    <node pkg="rosjava_bootstrap" 
    args="nxt_lejos_ros org.lejos.ros.nodes.loader.NXTLoader" 
    output="screen" />     

But my idea, is to send to the node another parameter, for example a YAML file.

How to define in a .launch code an aditional parameter and how to modify the signature of the onStart method?

Many thanks in advance.