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AMCL in the bottom right corner...forever

I have setup the amcl as described by the tutorial. I setup all the costmap.yaml files.
When I start everything up (I am using a segway rmp). I will get my static map and then get the laser in the bottom right hand corner.
So I use the set position in rviz. And nothing happens. So far in the last two days I have gotten the robot to converge correctly twice. But when I restart it will now work.

So I have three questions: 1) In the tutorial the global costmap parameters has static_map =true, but in the local costmap parameters the static_map = false. Shouldn't these be the same?

2) I noticed the in the tutorial they used "nav_view" however when I try to grab it from the svn link it fails. How do I get nav_view.

3) Is there anything else you can do to get amcl to work. I have tried this to no avail:

        <param name="~/initial_pose_x" type="double" value="223.25" />
    <param name="~/initial_pose_y" type="double" value="118.26"/>
    <param name="~/initial_pose_a" type="double" value="-0.133" />

Cheers, BM