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synchronisation problem in videre stereo camera

I am using a videre stereo camera.When I try to view the stereo images using the stereo_image_proc it is giving the following warnings.

Left images received: 4381 (topic '/stereo/left/image_rect_color')

Right images received: 4427 (topic '/stereo/right/image_rect_color')

Disparity images received: 432 (topic '/stereo/disparity')

Synchronized triplets: 408

Possible issues:

* stereo_image_proc is not running.
  Does `rosnode info /stereo_view_1314808654600120880` show any connections?
* The cameras are not synchronized.
  Try restarting stereo_view with parameter _approximate_sync:=True
* The network is too slow. One or more images are dropped from each triplet.
  Try restarting stereo_view, increasing parameter 'queue_size' (currently 10)

I have read about the same kind of problem herelink text I have followed the suggestions given there by making the approximate_sync:=true and increasing the queue size to 10.But still the warnings persist.I wanted to know whether this will impact in disparity view as well as point cloud created.Thanking you