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How to use URDF for robot visualization in rviz?

Hi everyone!

I've have allays used the robot footprint to view my robot in rviz. My robot does not have any moving parts, however I would like to see its 3D model in rviz instead of its footprint.

I'm using an erratic, and I was going through the urdf files and for most of it across the ROS wiki it strikes me that the urdf files are usually used for Gazebo simulations.

So how can I use a robot urdf file to simply view the real robot in rviz?

Also, instead of using static tf transforms for my tf tree can I use the urdf model containing the sensors to publish that information, even if there are not moving joints? How do I do that?

I apologize if this is a very simple question however I was going through the wiki and I could not figure out and started to get a bit confused!

Thanks in advance!