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Making a mesh model from a point cloud: What are the plans for the model_mesher from the tod_training package?

asked 2011-04-12 09:07:45 -0600

sdavies gravatar image

We got the tod_training package working, according to the BaseCreation tutorial. I noticed a program called "model_mesher," whose code looks like it is supposed to output a ".ply" (mesh) file from a bag file with a point cloud as input. Unfortunately, there were assertion errors:

/tmp/buildd/ros-diamondback-perception-pcl-0.10.0/debian/ros-diamondback-perception-pcl/opt/ros/diamondback/stacks/perception_pcl/flann/include/flann/algorithms/kdtree_single_index.h:151: void flann::KDTreeSingleIndex<distance>::BoundingBox::computeFromData(const flann::Matrix<typename distance::elementtype="">&) [with Distance = flann::L2_Simple<float>]: Assertion `data.rows>0' failed.

I am assuming this is still under development, since it was updated very recently. It doesn't look like it is being used in the OpenCV solutions in perception challenge. What are the plans for the model_mesher program? Is it still under active development? Should we try to improve it ourselves?


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answered 2011-06-17 11:04:21 -0600

Vincent Rabaud gravatar image

This model_mesher is not supported anymore and we will soon have a cleaner/more organized version of it (by July/August 2011).

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I know toooooooooo old a link, but is there anything like model mesher available as of now?

aknirala gravatar imageaknirala ( 2014-06-16 09:52:16 -0600 )edit

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