How to use UDPROS Protocol with multiple subscribed topics-services that use the same port in Java? [closed]

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Dear ROS Community,

I've implemented a UDPROS protocol in my Java client, and I have some questions about expected behavior. My original UDPROS protocol implementation mimicked TCPROS in connectivity behavior, by loading a new Socket connection for each ROS Topic/Service. In Java UDP implementation I cannot call a DatagramSocket on the same port more than once, because it is already open on the first call to the port. TCP Server Sockets behave differently, and I can open multiple instances of a TCP Connection on a Socket simultaneously. In Java a TCP and UDP connection can operate on the same port (verified with TCPROS & UDPROS running on same port with different topics/services).

  1. In UDPROS are multiple subscribed UDPROS Topics/Services expected to be able to run on a single port simultaneously? 2. Or is it single topic or service at once on single port? I am leaning towards option 1, due to services often being on the same port simultaneously, and if one of those services was setup as a persistent connection it would make it impossible to call other services?

Please help!

All assistance is appreciated!



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