How to tune PID controllers of a robotic arm?

asked 2013-10-04 21:36:46 -0600

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Is there any method or algorithm to tune the PID controllers of a robotic arm?

With my current configuration, the activation of one joint moves the other and it takes a long times to stabilize again in the new position. I could imagine to tune them one by one recursively, but it does not look as a good way of doing this.

Thx for the help!

Any links to documentation are welcome.

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I tuned each joint of a 6DOF arm one by one, while looking at factors such as jerk limit, max speed, time to achieve stable speed, rise time, jerk affect if an object is encountered along the movement etc. I would also be interested in seeing if there is a "formal" way of tuning a PID for an arm.

ibot gravatar image ibot  ( 2013-10-06 06:35:12 -0600 )edit