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Using Fuerte and Groovy in the same machine?

asked 2013-08-21 10:08:36 -0600

DavidLavy gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:17:43 -0600

ngrennan gravatar image

Hello, I know this question have been asked before here but, given it was almost 2 years ago, I just wanted to make sure if is still valid. When installing ROS Fuerte and Groovy in the same machine will show any conflicts? Other than source my setup.bash should I have to have something else in consideration?


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answered 2013-08-21 10:53:20 -0600

If you do not mix up the environment setup, this should work without any problems. It's also possible to start some nodes in a fuerte environment and others in a groovy environment and have them communicate. We actually did that in routinely for our entry in the Virtual Robotics challenge, starting the Gazebo based Atlas robot simulation in a fuerte environment and running all our software in a groovy environment.

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