How to calibrate TurtleBot 1 in Groovy [closed]

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First, I am a newcomer to ROS, Groovy and the TurtleBot, so I am still struggling with the simple things.

I have been able to follow the tutorials up until the calibration of the TurtleBot 1's ICreate base. I understand how to pass the gyro correction parameters with dynamic reconfigure; however, I am unsure how to make those parameters persist after shutdowns.

I previously used ROS electric, and I knew there was a file in /etc/ros, which was the turtlebot.launch file. The groovy documentation on the ROS website is not updated and they still claim that there is some type of file located there. Atleast in my filesystem, there is no longer a turtlebot.launch file in the etc directory. The only turtlebot.launch file is found in the : /opt/ros/groovy/stacks/turtlebot/turtlebot_bringup/upstart

Can anyone assist in helping me make these gyro corrections persist? I am not sure if the method to making these parameters persist has changed or if I missed something prior to this calibration.


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