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kobuki teleop problem

asked 2013-07-24 20:00:50 -0500

WB gravatar image

updated 2013-07-25 21:49:01 -0500

I have problem with teleop by keyboard. After bring up kobuki roslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch, I cannot teleop by keyboard using roslaunch turtlebot_teleop keyboard_teleop.launch. However roslaunch kobuki_keyop safe_keyop.launch works well. Could you explain for me? it seems ros packet for turtlebot 1 is not running for kuboki ( I also tested with turtlebot_follower and gmapping_demo and it didn't worked on kobuki). Thanks

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Please tag your questions with already existing tags or if not suitable with new ones. In that way people will more likely find your question and answer it (because many use tag-filtered email notifications).

bit-pirate gravatar image bit-pirate  ( 2013-07-25 18:53:01 -0500 )edit

Thanks for remind me.

WB gravatar image WB  ( 2013-07-25 21:49:31 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2013-07-24 23:03:28 -0500

Lucile gravatar image

updated 2013-07-24 23:07:40 -0500

Hi !

I tested all the packages from the tutorial on a Turtlebot 2 and they were all working (except the Panorama one because I missed a library and didn't want to install it).

Did you start the teleoperation from turtlebot_teleop through ssh ? This might be the source of your troubles if you haven't.

But you can't use packets from the Turtlebot 1 on kobuki since many topics (and some other things I guess too) have been changed. So you need to install the ones which were released for the Turtlebot 2.

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yes I started tele through ssh, but it's working now. Thanks for reply.

WB gravatar image WB  ( 2013-07-25 15:53:23 -0500 )edit

@WB Please mark your question as answered, if all your problems are resolved. To do so, click on the checker sign to the left of the answer, which you like most.

bit-pirate gravatar image bit-pirate  ( 2013-07-25 18:54:31 -0500 )edit

answered 2013-07-25 02:17:26 -0500

dornhege gravatar image

My guess is that you just need a topic remapping. The kobuki packages configure the cmd_vel_mux, so teleop inputs are usually on /cmd_vel_mux/input/teleop. Older packages might still publish to /cmd_vel directly.

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Since kobuki uses nodelet for velocity command multiplexer. For P3AT robot, if I want to use yocs_cmd_vel_mux (; then remapping is enough? What modification we have to do to achieve similar behavior of TurtleBot 2? I am using fuerte on ubuntu 10.04.

RB gravatar image RB  ( 2014-02-05 18:39:24 -0500 )edit

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