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unable to build re_vision, problem with g2o-library

asked 2013-05-22 03:36:44 -0500

Schluchti gravatar image

Hi, i am using Ros Groovy on Ubuntu 12.04. While trying to install the Roboearth stack i come across the following problem. I have a feeling the re_vision package is heavily outdated for usage with groovy. First i had to manually copy an old version of cvbridge.h (cv_bridge.h) in order to get rid of the error. After that i got an error that the g2o-library was missing so i installed it via sudo apt-get install ros-groovy-libg2o

Now i am getting an error-message i have no idea how to solve. Here it is:

[rosmake-1] Finished <<< re_msgs [PASS] [ 5.34 seconds ]                                                        
[rosmake-1] Starting >>> re_vision [ make ]                                                                     
[ rosmake ] Last 40 lines_vision: 23.1 sec ]                                         [ 1 Active 38/39 Complete ]
  /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_binary_edge.hpp:208:6: error: redefinition of ‘void g2o::BaseBinaryEdge<D, E, VertexXi, VertexXj>::mapHessianMemory(double*, int, int, bool)’
  /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/g2o/g2o/core/base_binary_edge.hpp:149:6: error: ‘virtual void g2o::BaseBinaryEdge<D, E, VertexXi, VertexXj>::mapHessianMemory(double*, int, int, bool)’ previously declared here
  In file included from /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.h:109:0,
                   from /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/NonLinearLS.h:19,
                   from /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/ObjectDetectorMethod.cpp:43:
  /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.hpp: In member function ‘virtual void g2o::BaseMultiEdge<D, E>::mapHessianMemory(double*, int, int, bool)’:
  /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.hpp:133:73: error: ‘vertex’ is not a member of ‘g2o::HyperGraph::Edge’
  /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.hpp:134:73: error: ‘vertex’ is not a member of ‘g2o::HyperGraph::Edge’
  /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/ObjectDetectorMethod.cpp: In member function ‘void ObjectDetectorMethod::calculatePose(const ObjectModel::Face&, const std::vector<int>&, const DVision::SurfSet&, const std::vector<int>&, const CameraBridge&, cv::Mat&) const’:
  /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/ObjectDetectorMethod.cpp:81:18: warning: unused variable ‘dis’ [-Wunused-variable]
  In file included from /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.h:109:0,
                   from /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/NonLinearLS.h:19,
                   from /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/ObjectDetectorMethod.cpp:43:
  /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.hpp: In member function ‘void g2o::BaseMultiEdge<D, E>::constructQuadraticForm() [with int D = 2, E = Eigen::Matrix<double, 2, 1>]’:
  /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/ObjectDetectorMethod.cpp:476:1:   instantiated from here
  /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.hpp:41:5: error: base operand of ‘->’ is not a pointer
  /home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/src/ObjectDetectorMethod.cpp:476:1:   instantiated from here
  /opt/ros/groovy/include/g2o/core/base_multi_edge.hpp:44:5: error: ‘class g2o::BaseMultiEdge<2, Eigen::Matrix<double, 2, 1> >’ has no member named ‘robustInformation’
  Linking CXX executable ../bin/extractOutlineFromImages
  make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/faps/catkin_ws/src/latest/re_vision/build'
  [ 52%] Built target extractOutlineFromImages
  [ 53%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/ObjectDetectorFunctions.dir/src/Surf3DDetector.cpp.o
  make[3]: *** [CMakeFiles/ObjectDetectorFunctions.dir/src/ObjectDetectorMethod.cpp.o] Error 1
  make[3 ...
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answered 2013-06-19 02:50:58 -0500

Devasena Inupakutika gravatar image

Please try installing ros-groovy-libg2o Debian package and try rosmake again.

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if there is still a problem..... try to remove the libg2o package: sudo apt-get remove ros-groovy-libg2o after that install the libg2o from source, this should work ;)

patrickl gravatar imagepatrickl ( 2014-03-06 23:58:40 -0500 )edit

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