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Hi All,

I am hoping someone can shred some light on the structure of the global planners in ROS.(sorry if this is a repetitive or silly question)

My final goal is to create a outdoor path-planning system.

I am using a Bumblebee 2 Stereo camera to generate a point cloud (using OpenCV disparity) , decimating the point cloud (using voxel grid covariance), and reconstructing the terrain using greedy triangulation. (generate a polymesh surface)

Now I am trying to integrate this to the Nav stack to use the global/local planners

However, the all nav stack planners use the "lattice" approach and the costmap. It is easy to argue how the costmap might not work for an outdoor application very well.

My question is:

SBPL: could I use SBPL with a "polygon Mesh" world map? Is it easy to go into SBPL and add a planner that will take edges of a map instead of a lattice? Is there mode documentation on this?

How about using the default (A*) path planner using the "polygon mesh"?

Thank you for your time


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