Audio_common on Beaglebone with Audio Cape, no sound output [closed]

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I installed and ran the stack 'audio_common' on my laptop successfully, running Ubuntu Precise + ROS Fuerte, however then attempted to run it on a Beaglebone, running Debian Squeeze + ROS Fuerte, using the Audio Cape which doesn't seem to work.

I installed the stack using instructions on the wiki, the only difference being I had to cd into each package and run 'rosmake', as opposed to running it in the stack.

I then attempted to play a .wav file as I had on my laptop, by running in one terminal:-

# rosrun sound_play

[INFO] [WallTime: 1364910831.372793] sound_play node is ready to play sound

And in another:

 # rosrun sound_play /root/fuerte_workspace/sandbox/beagle/music.wav

Playing "/root/fuerte_workspace/sandbox/beagle/music.wav".

I get these returns which indicate it runs with no errors and says the file is playing, however there is no sound. I know the cape is set up and working fine as I can play the file using aplay.

I was thinking is it because the stack isn't set up to run on ARM architecture? Also, I only have the bare-bones package installed on the Beaglebone, whereas I have the full desktop verison on my laptop.

Cheers for any help.

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