Moving the quadrotor in ardrone gazebo simulator [closed]

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Hi, I am currently using the gazebo tum_simulator for ardrone. I am looking at the simulated environment in Rviz. I have a python subscriber/publisher code where I am getting the Pose(world coordinates plus quaternion orientation) of the quadrotor. I also know the destination's world co-ordinates.

My main aim - turn the quadrotor towards the destination and then head in a straight line towards it. How can I do this?

Other specific questions I have are What is base_link? The base_link for the drone is seen as 0 for all fields(as seen in rviz)

How do I interpret the pose quaternion I get for the drone? I read a little bit about quaternion and I know what it is but I can't figure out the reference axis and how to interpret it in this case.

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In the simple case when quadrotor is on ground,I've realized that the yaw value in rviz gives me the orientation of the quadrotor rotated about the z-axis of the world(and its own z-axis).Similarly,the quaternion I get is x = 0,y = 0,z = -sin(theta/2),w = -cos(theta/2). I don't understand why though

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