Unable to create yaml parser? uvc_camera [closed]

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On groovy/ubuntu 11.10 when trying to roslaunch uvc_camera camera_node.launch

I get a warning about the calibration file not found (indeed it isn't there) it then terminates after opening /dev/video with: terminate called after 'std::runtime_error' what() couldn't set format.

If I create an empty example.yaml file it says it is unable to create a yaml parser.

I installed this in a workspace using rosdep install uvc_camera.

I am wondering if I am missing a dependency? I am guessing the example.yaml file is created the first time the program is run, but it might be missing from the git.

The camera does run in cheese/

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I have the same error of 'Unable to create YAML parser for camera calibration' when opening the node, but it then goes on starting the camera with default values anyway. I also create an empty camera.yaml file, to try and solve a previous error: 'Failed to open camera calibration file'.

RafBerkvens gravatar image RafBerkvens  ( 2013-04-12 01:52:31 -0500 )edit