Object Material Friction Properties and Measuring Friction [closed]

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Hi everyone,

I know that the material friction properties of an object can be declared in the simulation through the "mu1" "mu2" parameters, and that these parameters shape the friction pyramid (instead of cone) for friction force modeling. This works for the case of static friction, and I am assuming that "mu1" and "mu2" are the coefficients of static friction. My question is does ROS Gazebo handle dynamic friction where this friction force would equal the product of the coefficient of dynamic friction and normal force, and would be in the direction of the relative slip velocity? Am I able to declare a coefficient of dynamic friction or are both dynamic and static friction coefficients treated as being equal?

On a slightly different note, is there already something in place that allows for the friction force information to be pushed to, say, a ROS topic? This would include both direction and magnitude.


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