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Dear all,

I'm working on a freshly installed Ubuntu 12.04 ROS groovy and OROCOS 2.6; while executing rosmake on my working OROCOS packages, I got a problem from tf_conversion which now doesn't include the function RotationTFToKDL anymore and causes the following error:

error: ‘RotationTFToKDL’ is not a member of ‘tf’

The method name in the new version is quaternionTFToKDL and using this method everything compiles again on ROS groovy. Unfortunately, this is not backward compatible with older versions of tf_conversion, preventing the code to be shared easily.

In the tf_kdl.hpp file I saw that there are some definitions for backward compatibility, but the lines

/// Converts a tf Quaternion into a KDL Rotation void QuaternionKDLToTF(const KDL::Rotation &k, tf::Quaternion &t) __attribute__((deprecated)); void inline QuaternionKDLToTF(const KDL::Rotation &k, tf::Quaternion &t) {quaternionKDLToTF(k, t);};

refer to a method called QuaternionKDLToTF which is not present in previous the previous version of tf, while there is RotationTFToKDL.

Is it a bug and RotationTFToKDL should take place of QuaternionKDLToTF in the backward compatibility code?

Thank you for your help,

Best regards,


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