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Transform between /openni_depth_frame and /camera_link

asked 2013-01-24 15:15:10 -0600

James Diprose gravatar image


I'm a bit confused since I'm new to ROS. I'm using the openni_tracker and ar_kinect packages together. Rviz complains that it can't transform from any of the skeleton topics (e.g. /head1) to /camera_depth_optical_frame (which is the fixed frame).

So I'm wondering how do I transform from /openni_depth_frame to /camera_link? /openni_depth_frame is the root of the tf tree for the skeleton produced by openni_tracker and /camera_link is the root of the tf tree for ar_kinect.

This is the output from "rosrun tf view_frames" so you can see the tf's that are running.

Any help would be much appreciated :)


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answered 2013-01-24 23:14:15 -0600

dornhege gravatar image

My guess is that camera_depth_frame and openni_depth_frame are the same. You could test that with a static transform broadcaster between the two set to identity.

I'm not sure if there are any configuration options that will give you consistent frames.

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Cheers mate, you're right. I changed the root frame in openni_tracker from /openni_depth_frame to /camera_depth_frame and the transformations now work and look right in Rviz

James Diprose gravatar imageJames Diprose ( 2013-01-28 10:10:38 -0600 )edit

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