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Hi all,

I'm using most of the time eclipse for ROS coding and it worked fine so far. Now I want to use the pcl17 stack but without success in using its namespace. It compiles with cmake but I would like to use autocompletion etc for the development. Did someone else notice that behavior or can help me to solve the problem?

my manifest shows the dependencies to pcl17 and pcl17_ros.

That is my CMakeLists.txt

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.4.6)


#set the default path for built executables to the "bin" directory
#set the default path for built libraries to the "lib" directory

find_package(Eigen REQUIRED)

find_package(PCL 1.3 REQUIRED COMPONENTS common io)

rosbuild_add_executable(mesh_reconstruction src/mesh_reconstruction)
rosbuild_link_boost(mesh_reconstruction system signals)
target_link_libraries(mesh_reconstruction ${PCL_COMMON_LIBRARIES} ${PCL_IO_LIBRARIES})

Is something wrong with my setup? which setting could be wrong in eclipse?

Side question: should/can I delete the standard ros_perception stack (I think its pcl 1.5) after installing pcl17?

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You downloaded and used rosmake if I'm correct yes? Why I have the same problem. I tried to compile it from source but had many problems. Then I downloaded the package that you have but have the same error.

ZsurzsaLaszlo gravatar image ZsurzsaLaszlo  ( 2013-06-25 03:26:03 -0600 )edit