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Hi everyone!

I've got a quite specific question, though it may be interesting to those who try to make openni_tracker work on data from bag file or from the data received via network. Thanks to @tayyab and his blog I have written code for the openni_tracker that is able to run on external data (you may find the code here).

There is anyway still one more problem I face. To run the openni_tracker one needs openni to build the "production tree". This one is either built from the actual camera connected to the machine OR from the *.oni file that was recorded previously.

My code is able to run flawlessly when I have a camera connected to my machine. So it builds the production tree based on the camera it sees and then all the depth data generated by it is substituted with data, that I get over the network from the depth_raw ros topic e.g. /camera/depth/image_raw.

What bothers me is that I need to have 2 different cameras - one connected to the machine that runs openni_tracker and one to the machine that generates depth data, though I actually use only one of them.

This can be solved by using a previously recorded *.oni file instead of an actual camera on the machine with openni_tracker. The problem with this approach is that whenever the *.oni file comes to end it restarts from beginning and somehow this results in openni_tracker losing user with message: Lost User <number>.

Does anyone know a way to solve the issue? Or any ideas on the topic?

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