What is the easiest way to display collada 1.5 on rviz? [closed]

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Hi all,

Now I'm writing textured 3D model exporter using colladadom. The goal of my work is to display textured mesh on rviz.

I tried to use MESH_RESOURCES of visualization_marker and it succeeded using collada 1.4 files, but it failed using collada 1.5, with following errors:

In this case I used test/1.5/data/Seymour.dae in original collada_dom.

Unfortunately, colladadom package of ros fuerte only contains 1.5 schema. I think it is easy way to install another collada_dom with 1.4 schema, but I'm afraid it will break portability of my codes.

Does anyone have good idea to display textured mesh on rviz with collada 1.5?



According to the comment, I tried to use orrosplanning collada_rviz_display.launch, but unable to display Seymour.dae with following errors;

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/leus/ros/electric/jsk-ros-pkg/openrave_planning/orrosplanning/collada_joint_publisher.py", line 80, in <module> 
    jsp = ColladaJointPublisher() 
File "/home/leus/ros/electric/jsk-ros-pkg/openrave_planning/orrosplanning/collada_joint_publisher.py", line 31, in __init__ 
openravepy._openravepy_.openravepy_ext.openrave_exception: openrave (Failed): [void PyEnvironmentBase::AddRobot(PyRobotBasePtr):664]: invalid pointer 
[collada_joint_publisher-1] process has died [pid 7242, exit code 1]. log files: /home/leus/.ros/log/14ca984c-3767-11e2-92aa-00237de70062/collada_joint_publisher-1*.log

In addition, following example runs correctly and HIRO-NX model is displayed.

roslaunch orrosplanning collada_rviz_display.launch model:=`rospack find collada_robots`/data/robots/kawada-hironx.dae

"collada_rviz_dispaly.launch" publish .dae file as Robot Model using OpenRAVE. So "Seymour.dae" can not be visualize with it because OpenRAVE can not read this as Robot Model.

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I don't use collada much, so maybe this is no help, but you can install the 'orrosplanning' stack and load your .dae file using: roslaunch orrosplanning collada_rviz_display.launch model:=robotmodel.dae

dbworth gravatar image dbworth  ( 2012-11-23 21:12:57 -0600 )edit

dbworth, Thank you for your comment. I tried collada_rviz_display.launch with Seymour.dae, but collada_joint_publisher.py is crashed.

Hiroaki Yaguchi gravatar image Hiroaki Yaguchi  ( 2012-11-25 13:21:56 -0600 )edit