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Problems with ros instalation

asked 2012-11-15 04:57:24 -0500

João Pedro gravatar image


I am a beginner in linux and ros. I am trying to install ros electric on a ubuntu 10.04 distribution and I am having an odd problem. Following the instructions on the ros wiki installation page I get everything right until it is time to source the setup.bash. What happens is that the folder /opt/ros/electric only contains a subfolder called stacks and nothing else, so I can't find the setup.bash file.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

I have tried to uninstall it and installing it back again, but I get the same situation.

Please help.

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Please either provide a link to the instructions you followed or add the steps to your question by editing it.

Lorenz gravatar image Lorenz  ( 2012-11-15 05:55:32 -0500 )edit

I installed it following the instructions from the link

João Pedro gravatar image João Pedro  ( 2012-11-15 15:11:03 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-07-08 10:00:01 -0500

pnambiar gravatar image

Install ros Hydro on Ubuntu 12.04

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